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The latest Nativescript held hackathon just concluded and the winning theme is available on this website right now.

I’ve released this theme here to help others to learn from the code if you are just starting in Nativescript or have been using it for years.


The app is made up of 4 pages:

  • Home page (containing facts and information around Plastic Oceans UK)
  • Donation/Map Page (containing a link to donate and the map page)
  • Map (containing nearby locations of recycling center)
  • Tracker page (containing a tracker to track the amount you have recycled)

Initially, I started with research. I used common design inspiration websites like Dribbble and Muzli. I use these a lot to keep on top of current trends, gain insight into what designers are using and why they make certain decisions. By using these tools I got some ideas around layout and a colour palette.

After I came up with an idea it was time to start. I began by thinking of all the types of pages I wanted, what I wanted to show and any unique features that could be added that fit the charity.

The first unique page was a map of local recycling, this came from an idea of how you can make someones life simpler in order to find a place to recycle. A recycling tracker came next as I thought this would fit the charity perfectly. I did research into the impact of plastic in our oceans today in order to find the factual information included on the homepage. Finally I included a link to donate to the charity as that would be one of the most impactful things users of the app could do.


After entering I was actually in attendance at Angular Connect in London, UK when the winners where announced and to my surprise the app I had made won the main prize!

This app was created by me but for the community and to spread the word about the charity’s message. I want people to be able to take as much as the can from this. Whether it is from a code perspective or whether it is to donate themselves.

So go and download it. Give it a try. Let me know what you think!

Should I add anything? Should I change anything? I want to hear your feedback. Overall if you downloaded the app code and learnt anything that is the main goal.

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