Charity App Winner of NS Hackathon


Free download of the Nativescript Angular Hackathon theme. This has been released for others to learn and use as a guide for best practice.

Check this out and start learning today!

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This app is free to download. It is a Nativescript Angular theme that won the 2019 Nativescript Angular Charity Hackathon Event. Based on the charity Plastic Oceans UK. It is a great theme to learn from and get a better understanding of making a simple but effective Nativescript app.

It was made to use current best practices and to be simple and easy to read and follow along. This is a great learning tool for any new or experience app developer. Whether you are just starting using Nativescript or have been using it for years there are always new things to learn and take on to improve your own work. This theme provides that.

The app was made in 3 days over the course of the competition, which is testament to what you can achieve using Nativescript in that short amount of time.

There is an official blog post by the nativescript team that answers some questions around this app and the tournament as a whole be sure to check it out.

Anything you think can change? Anything theme ideas you need made? Get in touch with and we can chat!


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