Chat and Call app

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Use this chat app template on your next project. Talk with friends or colleagues? Want the next WhatsApp? Use this for a Nativescript Chat app now!



Our New app App Native Chat app is here!!

This app is built for Nativescript Angular. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

What this app comes with:

  • Login & Signup
  • Messages
  • Chat
  • Call
  • Profile

This app uses local data but is simple to switch over to any backend endpoint you like. You could use options like Nativescript or your very own custom api.

The app uses Nativescript Phone in order to make calls easily through entering the number in the “Calls” tab.

All styles are ordered using sass with global variables in an easy to read file format.

This is a perfect way to save hours and hours of initial developer time to gain an advantage quickly. On average you can save over 50 hours with our premium themes.

Nativescript App Native Chat app you can get today. Get a head start on your next app with this premium Nativescript template.

Anything you think can change? Anything theme ideas you need made? Get in touch with and we can chat!

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