app native roadmap

We wanted to talk today about the roadmap for AppNative and show you what is to come. There are a lot of exciting projects underway at the moment that we think you will all want to hear about. 

Lets start by showing an overview: 

app native roadmap
AppNative Roadmap

This outlines a high level view of what’s to come, some being already decided and some still being in the works.

This year we will focus on continuing to produce high quality Nativescript themes for our users to be able to learn from best practice and highly thought over design code. 

Towards the end of the year and into 2020 we will focus our thoughts in tutorials. We recognise there is documentation on the specific components and practices made up within Nativescript, but we see a lack of design. We want to show you how you can turn the normal components into useful practical uses for your apps. This is what we aim to teach and show in future. 

Pushing further into 2020 we have some very exciting potential projects: 

  • Conversations with the experts, the people that know the reason why a button is large and why a button is small. This will be another great learning resource.
  • Venture into other areas of development but still within the app development world. We want to look at AI and Machine learning and how that can be achieved and utilised within your app. 
  • We will also potentially explore other languages/ frameworks like flutter or React Native

Our aim is that AppNative will become the place you go to for design expertise and knowledge and how you can transform your app into the best version of itself. 

Get in touch

This can all be helped by you! Let us know any feedback and be active with suggestions if you have some.

We have created a new Slack channel within the Nativescript Community Slack channel if you have not signed up yet you can here: Once signed up, just search for appnative within the channels available, thats it!

Be sure to get in contact with us here

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